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Autumn rushes in…

It’s lovely looking out of my windows here as the weather goes from summer to autumn.  Leaves are all shades of gold and red – and some green too!  The garden looks full and slightly overblown – but the flashes of colour from the late roses are glorious.  This will soon all change as we get to the austerity of the winter – but with a new fence (long overdue) to come things will change and will inevitably give us the chance to change and replant some of the beds.

Seem to have been busy almost non stop since the term started again….  So here’s a few highlights, in no particular order!

DTs Cast for finale

DTs Cast for finale

The DTs staged a revue called ‘DT’s go Over The Top’ as a commemoration to WWI & WWII – a real mix of humour, pathos and reflection which went down well.  A singalong at the end proved fun too.

Then we had two celebrations of Awards at work.  The Information Book Award for 2014 proved popular and seems to be building a following and widening influence as we grow year on year. There was a super celebration of winners at the Bath Children’s Literature Festival.  Looking forward to next year now.

Then we quickly followed that with the School Libraries Celebration Day – for the SLA Inspiration Award and the SLA School Librarian of the Year Award.  Both were remarkably successful despite the awful traffic and train hold ups which meant that the staff, prizes and badges did not arrive until nearly lunch time!

Chris Riddell's illustration

Chris Riddell’s illustration

Our wonderful speaker Chris Riddell saved the day by creating ‘temporary certificates’ which I imagine may end up more prized than the official ones!  His speech on libraries and librarians he had known was fantastic – and fully illustrated with his signature drawings!

In between this we had a super party for my birthday – much belated, but a lovely buffet lunch we laid on at the pub, and had lots of our friends enjoying good food, good company and lots of nice wine in some lovely autumnal sunshine at the Cock Inn in Denford.  Now looking forward to a great theatre trip which they all clubbed together for to celebrate!  Lovely!

This week is an illustration of our busyness – but much of it is sheer joy!  Whilst working for most of the week we also had the fun of seeing ‘An Evening with Sir Roger Moore‘ at Royal and Derngate. Lovely to hear some of his reminiscences of his life and his films.  The following night I was with librarian friends, publishers and booksellers at the Ritz celebrating Jacqueline Wilson’s 100th book!  A delightful evening. Wednesday was time for revisiting our youth – a night at the Royal Albert Hall listening to the incomparable James Taylor with a fantastic band and that sound and voice that seems never to age and yet gets better and better.  A great mix of new and old songs.  And such a generous man – staying on stage throughout the interval talking to fans who could reach him and having innumerable photographs taken.  An unforgettable night.  Thursday was the the AGM of the Reelscape Community that is doing some fantastic work with young people and has had huge success in getting some substantial grants for the next phase of activity.  Small but very purposeful meeting.  Friday was Guilsborough enjoying the spoken word entertainment from the Babble of Naseby. A lovely selection of poems and extracts that had us laughing and reflective throughout the evening. Saturday was back to our youth again – enjoying Steeleye Span at Kettering Lighthouse, it was their 45th Anniversary tour!  Bought a Tshirt to celebrate.  They played lots of music from their Wintersmith album, inspired of course by Sir Terry Pratchett’s ‘Wintersmith’ novels – a favourite of mine.

Will is rounding off this week with a turn up and sing Faure Requiem at Peterborough Cathedral – I shall stay home and cook dinner, after ironing and generally doing some homely catching up.  May even time for some reading!  I don’t seem to do the number of eviews here that I used to but my Goodreads feed is usually fairly up to date so you can see the books I recommend (I rarely review books I have hated as personal choices can be so variable…)


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Reading Round-up!

Two months worth of reading – and only a short while in which to record it – so her’s a a quick tour through my reading highlights this autumn.

Sarah Siverwood’s Double Edged Sword is a magical fantasy where our orphaned hero has to adventure into an alternative parallel London to sort the problems in the city of today – very readable and thoroughly engrossing – I had to stay up late to finish it!  David Almond’s The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean was a difficult read – I liked the post apocalyptic story but found the phonetic dialect used to tell it quite hard to keep in tune with, and so felt as if I was having to re-learn how to read.  An Act of Love by Alan Gibbons was a gritty tale of friendship and how people one feels one knows can end up going down such different tracks in life.  The unsentimental and authentic feel to the portrayal of army life for Chris and the lure of brainwashing and terrorism for Imran kept me engrossed to the very end.

Paula Rawsthorne is a debut author- and if her first book is a sign of things to come I hope she keeps on writing.  The Truth about Celia Frost is an intriguing novel about a girl with a major medical problem and how she discovers her own and her mother’s secrets.   Do read it!  Meanwhile Eoin Colfer is a name well known and loved for all his children’s novels.  His first adult novel Plugged is a super hard hitting, funny surreal thriller full of violence, crimes and corruption set on the streets of New Jersey.  It was a joy to read and I hope Eoin will continue to write for both adults and children.

I always buy the new Terry Pratchett as soon as it hits the shelves – and Snuff – his latest is a delight.  Sam Vimes is setting his world to rights, even when he is supposedly on holiday in the countryside – and Terry’s ever present poking of fun but with a serious purpose, in this case to highlight the wrongs of racism, making you think whilst so thoroughly enjoying yourself!  Another favourite author is Philip Reeve and I had the pleasure of reading a loose bound proof of his next novel for children Goblins – due in 2012.  Read it when it comes out!


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