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Saturday Saunter

This week has been as busy as ever! It’s supposed to be the school holidays and you’d have expected a bit of peace and quiet. No such luck – meetings and networks still keep moving!
The email in box, after a week away, was fairly grim to start with – but it now seems to be back to manageable levels. The professional reading pile is rather a tall tower – and none of it particularly light reading either. Fascinating piece on the value of arts education on motivation and achievement from the US Congress – as we all already knew arts education and the use of artforms and artistic endeavour does make us all understand and achieve more in our studies and the effects last for a long time! Great to have it stated so clearly and with such an authoritative voice behind it.
Personally still reeling from the pointless and wicked attack by Breivik on innocent Norwegians which will forever change the way Norway views itself and its security. I still reel when I remember 7/7 in London – when my train landed us all in Farringdon and I walked through a spookily busy then alternately silent London to get to a meeting at CILIP. These things recede but you never forget the feelings from that day.
I have fitted in some social events too – and finished the week with hospital visits to a friend after an emergency gall bladder removal followed by a lovely meal at the pub on Friday night to start the weekend!


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