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Summer is a coming

To misquote an old song…  But the weather is at last turning and so many things seem to be happening in June (only a few days away!)

Looking forward to – our wedding anniversary, though I’ll be up in Hull  most of the day finding out who the new Children’s Laureate will be – think a nice takeaway and bottle of wine will be great in the evening though!  Then my birthday – in Manchester this year seeing Canter Semper at what sounds like a lovely gig. Then the following 10 days or so will be mad – Carnegie and Greenaway Ceremonies, announcing winners for the 80th and 60th prizes respectively.  That reminds me I must get my speech drafted…


Then a day at home to pack and off to the joint Youth Libraries Group and School Library Association celebratory conference  in Harrogate (the SLA is 80 too!).  The programme is fantastic, the venue promises to be great and the whole event is sold out so should be a goody!  I shall take a couple of days out to chill after that I think.

July should be calmer – just the usual hurly burly of work and social life – plus we’re planning some building work, so perhaps I’ll be glad to be a bit quieter and catch up on my reading!


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