I am career librarian and mother who has worked in public libraries, government libraries, as a self employed information broker and as a book indexer before coming back to being a children’s librarian in one form or another.

I am currently CEO of the School Library Association and you can find out some of the things we do as an association at the SLA website .  This involves lots of travel in the UK, and sometimes abroad, as well as time in the offices at Swindon.

I have lived in Northamptonshire very happily for nearly 30 years but as a girl born in Yorkshire I long for the wilder rugged scenery moors and dales can provide – hence lots of holidays in Devon, Scotland, Wales and Yorkshire!

As a lifelong reader I could be described as having catholic tastes – I will read almost anything, even the cereal packet, though there is nothing so good as a well written book.

Favourite authors are many and varied, as are my choices of cinema, theatre and music – all are favourites.

I have no doubt I will also mention my family at various times – made up of two very talented daughters (I think so anyway!), one long suffering husband and elder daughter’s lovely partner.  Animals come and go in the family – currently feeling a little bereft as only have one elderly cat at home now.


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