Spring is sprung.

That was an old family used phrase – it is taken from an old rhyme – by anonymous that famous writer!!

The spring is sprung, the grass is riz.

I wonder where the boidie is.

They say the boidie’s on the wing.

But that’s absoid. The wing is on the bird.

Orchid-webThe weather, by and large, has been kind.  The snowdrops made a wonderful show in the garden and the daffodils look very regal now.  Everything is bursting forth – and the new roses seem to have taken very well, so I’m looking forward to a summer of colour.  Even my orchid in the conservatory is bursting forth in a third round of flowering – unheard of for house plants in this house!

Beyond that – I have had a pretty foul spring in many ways – certainly frustrating…  On 11th February, after delivering a speech at a fairly important conference in Whitehall, London – I managed to fall off the stage – not unlikely given that it was a small stage occupied by 6 people, chairs, table, lectern and had no back rail or even safety marking on the edge of it.   Having been bundled into a taxi and sent to St Thomas’s my shoulder was x-rayed and found unbroken.  Since then my left shoulder and knee have made little progress, been very slow to mend, and painful.  So, I have been seeing my osteopath as usual – and getting some relief that way, but was urged to see my Doctor, as there was a problem with the healing process.  The first visit to the Doctor was interesting – basically the comment was – you’re walking on it so it’s OK, nothing further needed. I was so stunned I just left…

One letter from my osteopath later and I was referred for an X-ray, and scans – so that should at least show what might be causing some of these problems.  But, the Dr being ultra-helpful decided to give me painkillers and anti inflammatory pills, even after my cautions about my known reactions to lots of drugs etc – so hey-ho – this last week has been a real bad week.  I tried the pills as directed – and yes, they were a huge help with the pain – they certainly do what they say on the packet – but I was a walking zombie with stomach complications thrown in!  So, a long phone conversation with another doctor and we decided I’d go back to me managing as before and returning said pills to the pharmacy. So, x-ray tomorrow on left knee – I almost hope it does show a problem, so at least we have something to deal with…

I know this is little enough in the great scheme of things – but it is so affecting my ability to work (thank goodness for my home office and modern technology) and even to keeping going at the very low level of fitness I claim. I really do need something to give me a boost and get me going again… Roll on summer.


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