This really must be the most neglected blog in the country!  Pressure of work is my excuse, or maybe it’s just living keeps getting in the way.  Not to worry.  Goodreads keeps pinging up all my reading – some of which I review, all of which I rate.  

The view from our hotel

The view from our hotel

The year has been quite significant – I reached sixty in June.  I wondered how I’d feel about that, but actually I’m still half that age in my brain.  Shame the body doesn’t feel the same!  To celebrate in style Will and I spent a week in New York – doing all the things I had dreamed of doing from watching too many old films, and reading loads of US books!  We had a great time and took in The Met, Empire State Building, Central Park, Battery Park, Wall Street, Fraunces Tavern, Brooklyn Bridge and J P Morgan Library.  As well as eating in a deli and also a diner!  Little things, but what fun! We did loads of walking, used the subway and the Staten Island Ferry, as well as the occasional yellow cab ride. Unusually we would happily have stayed longer – we usually just want to get home at the end of a holiday – but we loved the ambiance and the people so would have extended our stay if we could…

Becky has been hugely busy getting on with the social enterprise side of her film – and is having some real success getting that side funded, so she can run workshops with kids from all sorts of backgrounds – and starts another series of workshops in the new academic year.

Sarah’s busy singing and teaching, Canter Semper is doing well getting regular bookings, going from strength to strength, and Hymek Manoeuvre are also busy, now they have a new drummer.  If you’re in and around the north west check them out!  

Will is working up some new material both for Sweet FA and also for the DTs next revue (2014) and show (2015).  He was last in Antigone at Royal and Derngate last month.



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