Reading again

So – business at work has been fairly relentless just recently so reading has been the escape!  Highlights from the last month to 6 weeks show a good mix.

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein is set during the Second World War and takes the story of two heroic but relatively ordinary young women who work for and with SOE (the special ops of WWII).  It grips,  you identify with the characters and yet I can not envisage being that physically brave – ever.  I laughed and cried with this book.  It’s on the Carnegie Award short list – fingers crossed!

hartmanSeraphina by Rachel Hartman is the story of a young woman who feels she is a bit of a misfit in the world where dragons walk about in their shape-changed format, to keep the people and the dragons from going to war again.  As a major celebration of the long term peace approaches Seraphina finds out some strange truths about herself and her family, ad has to decide where her loyalties lay.  a major US best seller this is a fascinating take on the usual people versus dragons tale. Loved it, can’t wait for the next volume.

Jeremy de Quidt’s Feathered Man is a dark, thrilling quest set in a Victorian Germany and full of scary and rather odd characters, some from Mayan mythology, some just downright wicked. Will definitely appeal to the slightly ghoulish.

I have also been reading a bit on my iPad. Two books recently – Fragments by Dan Wells – which failed to grab me, but that may have been the delivery media rather than the book.  Plus Anne Cassidy – Killing Rachel – a good thriller, with a surprising series of twists.  I do find it harder to engage with on screen reading, and I must admit I only supplement my reading of hard copy books with iPad materials.  Wonder if taht will change over time?


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