the garden in the snow

the garden in the snow

Lovely to have the luxury of a week off in January – and nothing much in the diary to do during it!  So catching up on household tasks has been successful. The snow got in the way of a lunch engagement on Monday, and then was fairly hairy getting back from Kettering on Friday and  so it  stopped me getting out to a YLG Unconference on Saturday.  Such a shame.

I really do love snow – the quiet it brings and the lovely shapes the snow-covered trees make, but we are never prepared for it and it always seems to cause chaos!

So, I have spent the week reading, on the whole.  I have been struggling with Umberto Eco The Prague Cemetery.   Not because it’s a bad book, just that it is so complex with layer upon layer of intrigue and conspiracy and a diary format that one has to concentrate on.  I had to finish it though, as it is a compelling read, wickedly funny in places, and very dark.  Worth the effort but needs application to follow it through.

Having just seen The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey I shall now reread the original – only 40 years after first reading it!  The film was good – though rather overlong, and I am not sure seeing all the conflicts is necessary, but I shall have to see the next two films to make up my mind!

Work beckons for next week – wonder what the in box will show up!


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