The Very End of 2012

OK so it has been a very busy autumn. Work just took off after the summer break. We worked flat out but had a good 75th Celebration in Gateshead. The whole day seems to have gone down well so we could do another and add day conferences to our offerings. Meanwhile Will and I had a lovely weekend just enjoying ourselves and also seeing Sheila, Harold and Caroline for Sunday lunch.

Since then it was just a matter of keeping going till Christmas when I had a chunk of leave booked and planned on just relaxing – which I did! We had a super Christmas, the party was the day before Christmas Eve so we had a shorter lead in than usual. The actual holiday was spent in watching some favourite films, playing cards, board games. Saw the aged Ps after Boxing Day and had a pleasant day with them – watching some old cine films that Roy had had put onto DVD including their wedding day!

Sarah left on Sunday to join Becky and Pete in London for New Year, so Will and I are off to the pub tonight to celebrate with friends!

Reading wise I have been catching up with a lot of the Carnegie long list titles – some good ones on there, it will be a really difficult decision for the judges this year. Have read about three quarters of them and then decided I’d do a bit of adult reading(!) over the holiday and have been enjoying Ben Aaronovitch, Irving Finkel and Daphne du Maurier. Will have to get back to some kids books soon – they’re piling up a bit!



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