Oundle Festival

Leave for a whole week – bliss!!  The weather is very wearing though – June had the highest rainfall on record and July seems to be the month of floods and cloud!  The water meadows have come into their own and look like a major lake, and friends with river frontages are keeping a close eye on the levels!

Meanwhile Dad has had his cataract operations and seems to be good from it, Mum is, as always, stuck in her chair.   Any suggestions from Will tend to be dismissed as they can’t be bothered so we just have to let it be.

Call Me LogoGirls very busy on their way to Edinburgh and the Fringe – Call Me promises to be fun – looking forward to our week up there…

Oundle Festival is proving to be good yet again, in fact this is the first year under the new director and the programme seems even more varied than before.  Darius Brubeck was wonderful jazz on Friday, Monday we had Kit and James (Kit Hesketh-Harvey) – wonderfully clever, rude and so funny plus a wonderful singer to boot.  Yesterday we had a day at Boughton House with a tour and a concert (lute and viol).  Looking forward to the folk, world music and orchestra for the rest of the week.

If the rain holds off we shall go and photograph some more old railway stations for Will’s new book, otherwise catching up with washing, ironing an dreading is the order of the day.



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