Catch Up

Well what a busy time this has been. Had a wonderful conference in Ennis, Ireland at a Comenius funded SLAMit conference with a wonderful group of international librarians and teachers all interested in school library design and their work. It was a great experience and also included a day of tourism – which was one of the requirements of the EU funding. Loved talking to all the librarians about their work and how local conditions and traditions impact on the set up in their countries.

Then been incredibly busy with work. Not only the day to day stuff, but planning some work with CILIP around the ShoutAbout School Libraries campaign, as well as getting everything ready for the Lighting the Future conference.

In the midst of all this there was a quick dash up to Manchester to see Sarah in a super play Seven showing at a small theatre in Affleck’s Palace. It was seven short plays by different playwrights, and all acted by an ensemble of folk – Sarah was in a 17 minute monologue of Gluttony and she was superb! I would say that wouldn’t I but the reviewers thought so too, and an RSC actor told her it was a masterclass in monologue!

Meanwhile we also had a super time at Ben Piercy-Hughes wedding blessing. The ceremony was in Denford and then followed by a lovely meal at the Fox at Thorpe Waterville. It was a lovely day and Becky managed to get up here too.

Becky’s madly busy filming with the RSC – to do with their work in schools and also with their trailers for the season. Great that she’s busy and seems to be happy with it all. Meanwhile she is also busy raising sponsorship and making connections to take Sarah’s play Call Me to Edinburgh Fringe this year. So we’re spending the first week of August in Ed for the Fringe – working the Royal Mile I imagine.

Looking forward to mid June when I expect to get a bit more time to draw breath, meanwhile back to the grindstone!


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