Best intentions

The conference venue - amazing

What is it about new years and good intentions that fall away as we get back into the swing of things!

Well January passed in a blur – Becky’s birthday was upon us before we could even think – but a lovely meal and a walk on a Hertfordshire heath was a good way to celebrate. February got all caught up in the office move – which went remarkably well from the physical point of view. A really helpful team of local removal men made light of all the heavy stuff and didn’t mind as we changed our minds about where desks needed to be. The problem was the IT!!  Little email and no broadband internet made for three weeks of frustration and now lots of catching up…  Apparently all is back to normal now but that doesn’t help when you know you have let timings slip and things still need actioning.

Then spent the end of the month in Milan – which sounds wonderfully evocative and fun, and the conference was good, but I only actually had 1 hour in central Milan to look at the shops.  This was a combined conference – EMMILE – on media and information literacy – and really well worth attending.  Plus, we managed to squeeze in IFLA section meetings and IASL/IFLA joint meetings.  The conference venue was the impressive Palazzo Lombardia, and we were the first people to use the auditorium facilities – which proved very comfortable and the translation services were excellent.  A busy time!  Milan looked lovely (what I saw of it) in the early spring sunshine, and the Alps from the plane on the way over were wonderfully clear – all that virgin snow…


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