Happy New Year!

So, the holidays draw to the end, with a party at the pub tonight with friends…to celebrate the start of 2012.

Last year, 2011, was a good year with lots of short breaks, mainly good health, lots of family visits and some new work opportunities for Will and I, and the girls seem to be happy in their chosen paths – so all positive.

I wonder what that new year will bring for us; certainly some tightening of belts, both literally (as I must loose some weight!) and financially, as we seem to be no nearer the end of this recession.

Work wise the new offices should create a pleasant environment, with savings that will make our lives a little simpler, and hopefully much cheaper.  The challenges remain the same – closing libraries (public and school), head teachers with no vision as to what a library can be and do, a government with a great line in chat but no commitment in legislation on school libraries, and a delayed new curriculum!  We may be in for hard times ahead, so not totally looking forward to the new year in some respects.

Whatever is thrown at us – good health, happy families and peace to all.


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